Hello and welcome to my page!!

I am so looking forward to teaching 7th grade American History, 9-12th grade Finance, and some Phy. Ed. this school year!! I throughly enjoy teaching finance and trying make money not such a taboo topic to talk about. I want my students to be able to get out in front of any financial problems and to use sound judgement in financial decisions that may make even at a young age. Some of my favorite time periods in history to learn about and teach are the: American Revolution, The Roaring 20's, and the Birth of Jamestown!! A few other things about me are that I love sports (Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings, Denver Nuggets, Minnesota Timberwoleves, and the Twins). I also enjoy sitting down to read a good book. Anything from mystery and fantasy, to true life inspiration books. I listen to reggae music, 90's pop, and some of today's hits. And a few random things about me are that I pack a lunch for school almost every day and bring a cosmic brownie with it, and you will find my beard at all different lengths throughout the year!!

Again welcome to my page and I am excited for the school year!!

Mr. B

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