My name is Señora Kramer. I teach Spanish I & II, as well as Introduction to World Cultures. I enjoy being active, spending time with my family and friends, reading, and attending my children's events. Click on the links below to access the syllabi.

My Schedule is:
1st hour Spanish I
2nd hour Spanish I
3rd hour Spanish II
4th hour Prep
5th hour Intoduction to World Cultures
6th hour Study Hall
7th hour Spanish II

I will be using Schoology (www.schoology.com) to post assignments and announcements for each course once JMC has imported my classes there.  On this site you will be able to find some additional resources, including access to the material we are studying. To find your class information, select "Classes" from the list of links on the left.  Parents, if you want access to the Schoology assignments, that can be arranged you just need to contact me so I can get you a code.

I have posted a link to the Progressive Discipline Plan that will be implemented in grades 7-12. Please familiarize yourself with its protocol. 
Progressive Discipline Plan

Feel free to contact me using the e-mail link below with any questions or issues or you may reach me by phone at (507)342-5114 ext. 158.


Contact: Renae Kramer