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Hall Of Fame Nomination Forms Available!
Nominees for the Wabasso Public School Hall of Fame shall be nominated for their outstanding
contributions to the Wabasso Public School District in any one of the following categories:

      ? Alumni ~ We will recognize distinguished lifetime achievements from those who have graduated
from Wabasso High School

      ? Staff/Faculty ~ We will recognize former employees of Wabasso Public School who exemplify
excellence in extracurricular activities and a lifetime commitment to students. (Nominees in this
category are not eligible for this award until they have been retired or absent from the
District for three (3) years).

      ? Community ~ We will recognize members of the Wabasso Public School communities who have
made extraordinary contributions to Wabasso Public schools and the youth of the community.

Please go to the Menu on the left to view and print the HOF Nomination Form.
Once you have completed the form, please return it to Activities Director Joe Kemp as indicated on the bottom of the form.

Past inductees to the Hall Of Fame are as follows:

Name School Year Inducted Athlete/Alumni Staff/Teacher Community
Bruns, Sheila 2016-2017 X    
Grossman, Leo 2016-2017   X  
Kallevig, Lawrence and Pauline 2016-2017     X
Samyn, Joel 2016-2017 X    
Zimmer, Dan 2016-2017 X    
Miller, Jerry 2017-2018     X
Oftedahl, Val 2017-2018   X  

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