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The W-Club is a student organization that helps support the Wabasso HS athletic program. Membership in W-Club is automatically obtained by receiving an athletic letter. The main responsibility of student members is to work in the concession stand during the fall and winter sports seasons. (Seniors - 1 event/year; Juniors - 2 events/year, 1 each season; Sophomores and below - 3 events/year, 1 fall & 2 winter.)

The money made from concessions is given to athletic groups for uniforms and extra equipment their budget cannot afford. Items are requested, and then the membership votes on whether to donate to the group and, if so, how much.

Click the link on the left to view the current season concession stand work schedule. Students unable to work at their scheduled time are to find their own replacement. Not showing up and not finding a replacement will result in detention being assigned.

If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with the advisor.

Contact: Mrs. Traci Bernardy, Advisor