Wabasso Cottontail Time Information



The Wabasso Early Childhood Department offers a preschool program, Cottontail Time, for children who will be 3-years old by September 1, 2020. Your child must be potty-trained to be enrolled in Cottontail Time.


The goal of the program is to provide young children with the opportunity to learn, discover, and interact with other children and a licensed Early Childhood Teacher in a developmentally appropriate classroom setting, while building their self-esteem, confidence in their abilities, and comfort level in a school setting. Children's play is their work. Children learn best through being actively involved in their environment.  Activities provided will be hands-on and self-directed with-in limits, allowing children to participate freely in a variety of available activities throughout the room (including projects, dramatic play, manipulatives, sensory materials, blocks, fine motor activities, etc.). Large group times will also be included with calendar, songs, stories, finger-plays, games, early literacy learning and large motor activities. We will also be implementing free play. Free play has been proven to be very beneficial to a young child. Free play may look like leisure time however, the children are learning to how to make decisions, use their imagination, and are learning important life skills to prepare their growing brains for adulthood. It helps them grow socially, emotionally, and cognitively.


Class Offerings: Cottontail Time will be held two-times a week throughout the school year. Class time will be from 8:00-10:15am. A waiting list will begin after ­10 children have registered for the program. If we reach 15 children, we may split into two-sections of preschool. The class will be held in the Early Childhood Center.


Cost: The cost of this class is $70.00 per month (September - May) with a $20.00 one-time registration fee.


Transportation: Your child may ride the regular bus routes in the morning or afternoon (if afternoon class is offered) if parents feel their child's level of maturity is appropriate for the bus and the child has a "bus buddy" (ex. older sibling, family friend) who will help the child into the school. Parents are responsible for arranging mid-day transportation. Class lists for setting up car pools will be made available by request before the school year begins.


The class will be filled on a first come first served basis with limited enrollment. Additional registrations will be put on a waiting list. 


Contact Amber Beadell, Early Childhood Program Director and Teacher, at (507)342-5114 Ext. 103 or with any questions.