Wabasso School Readiness Information



The Wabasso Early Childhood Department offers a School Readiness Preschool Program, for children who will be  4-years-old by September 1, 2022.


The goal of the program is to provide young children with opportunities that support the necessary skills to progress and flourish into Kindergarten. The children will learn, explore, and discover in a developmentally appropriate classroom setting while interacting with their peers and a licensed Early Childhood Teacher. Children learn best through being actively involved in their surroundings. Activities provided will be hands-on and self-directed with-in limits. We also implement free play which has been studied and proven to be very beneficial. Free play may look like leisure time, however, the children are learning how to make decisions, use their imagination, and are learning important life skills to prepare their growing brains for adulthood. Play helps them grow socially, emotionally, and cognitively while building their self-esteem, confidence, and comfort level in a school environment.


With our OWL curriculum the students will be exposed to daily Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine/Large Motor, Music, and Technology activities. In addition, the program is proud to partner and offer Minnesota Reading Corps’ Literacy Based Program. A member is co-hired to work within the classroom daily to help enrich the children with the literacy skills they will need to be successful in Kindergarten.


Your child must be potty-trained to be enrolled in School Readiness.


Class Offerings:

Class will be held four days a week: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday in the Early Childhood Center.

-Morning Section- 7:45-10:30am

-Afternoon Section- 12:15-3:00pm



The cost of this class is $175.00 per month (September - May) with a $20.00 one-time registration fee. If you are unable to afford the monthly tuition cost, you may request to complete the sliding scale fee application.


Extended Day Option:

The Early Childhood Department offers a program called Little Rabbits Daycare. This is an extended day option for families that wish to have their child in school all-day. This is signed contract for the 9-month school year and space is limited. A waiting list will begin after the first 10 registrations.


--Option 1- This half-day program runs four-days a week, only on scheduled preschool days (M/T/TH/F).
            Rate: $12.50 per day

--Option 2- This program runs five-days a week, four half-days AND one full-day (non-preschool day– Wednesday).
Rate of $12.50 (M/T/TH/F) & $22.50 (W)

** Lunch will be an additional cost. You may complete the Free/Reduced Lunch Application on JMC if you are interested. **

After School Care Corner:
Care Corner is an after-school daycare program that is open until 6:00pm. This is an additional cost per day. For more information regarding 'After School Care Corner' or to register for this program, please contact the Community Education Program Director:

Mid-day transportation is not provided and needs to be arranged by the families. A class list may be provided closer to the beginning of the school year, if you would like to arrange a carpool. We do allow preschoolers to enroll in regular bus routes (morning and afternoon) with the help of a
"bus buddy" (ex. older sibling, family friend). If your child is enrolled in Preschool and Little Rabbits Care, they may ride the bus to and from school, if you choose.

** Use the link on the left to register.