My given name is Joel Dudgeon, but in school I usually go by Mr. D. I grew up in Lucan, Minnesota. After graduating from Wabasso High School in 1985 I attended what was then called Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota before transferring to Winona State University. I graduated with an Elementary Education degree with coaching in May of 1990. 
     I have been teaching since the 1990-91 school year when I taught first grade in Corydon, Iowa at a school called Wayne Community School. After a year in balmy southern Iowa I returned to my old stomping grounds of Wabasso as a second grade teacher. I taught second grade for many years before moving to my current position in fourth grade. Two years ago I hit a milestone I never thought I would when I taught a student of a former student.
My favorite part of being a teacher are my students. I love getting to know them and love the energy and excitement they bring to school. 
     I am married to Lisa. Interestingly, I met Lisa in my final class before my student teaching experience in of all things a computer class. I am not a technology person and love chalk, chalkboards, and chalk dust. We have two children. Mariah is a senior at S.M.S.U. in Marshall, Minnesota and is engaged. Our son Brendan is going to attend Douglas Learning Center in Pennsylvania later this fall.
     I coach cross country and track and field currently, but have dabbled in several other sports as a coach.
     I have a few hobbies with reading and running topping the list. As of this writing I am over 70,000 career miles.