Welcome to Mr Ellanson's page
I am excited to be teaching in Wabasso. This is my second year teaching here and my sixth year teaching overall. I graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2015 with a degree in DAPE, Health, and Physical Education. Along with teaching I will be coaching football and wrestling

A DAY                                                                        B DAY
BLOCK 1- 7th Grade PE/ Health                               BLOCK 1 - DAPE
BLOCK 2- 9th Grade PE                                           BLOCK 2-  8th Grade PE/ Health
BLOCK 3-  Lunch/ PREP                                          BLOCK 3- 7th Grade PE/Health
1:30-2:00- Kindergarten PE                                      1:30-2:00- Kindergarten PE
2:00-2:30- 1st Grade PE                                           2:00-2:30- 1st Grade PE
2:30-3:00- 5th Grade PE                                           2:30-3:00- 5th Grade PE

MS/HS classes focus on team sports, individual sports, lifelong activity and improving overall  physical fitness levels. Elementary classes focus more on a skill based approach and movement skills.

Im excited to teach students about the importance of maintaining/ living healthy lifestyles.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at (